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The Ifit-Pro web development project was started in November 2011 by Ifitstuff LTD. Director Jeff Scott had a dream "to give local independent retailers and mobile installers access to amazing industry dominating websites that they can manage themselves". The websites would need to be brilliant and cutting edge, while still being very simple to customise and manage (choose products / modify prices).

"It has been very hard for the small guy to get a slice of the action on the Web as it requires a high performing, Search Engine Optimised website. It seems that the only ones who have done well out of the Web have been the large companies with deep pockets or the odd few who can build their own great websites, this will now change with the ability for anyone to have an amazing Ifit-Pro website at an affordable price."  Jeff Scott, Director, Ifitstuff and creator of the Ifit-Pro platform & Concept."

Ifitstuff already had one very clever developer working around the clock on other projects. However Jeff Scott realised that a few hours here and there from his schedule were not going to cut it and so with his help we found another bright, young and talented developer who was hungry for the mammoth task that laid before him.

In March this year Ifitstuff members were just getting their first glimpse of the future Ifit-Pro websites that would be on offer. Now in September 2012 the Mobile Electronics Industry is rubbing it's eyes in disbelief as not only has Ifit-PRO fulfilled Jeff Scott's vision of offering amazing industry dominating websites at an affordable price, but Ifit-Pro has actually evolved into much more. 

Ifit-Pro has become a platform to drive sales of (partnered) manufacturers products, but with the local independent retailer / mobile installer getting the sale with a good profit margin.

We currently have a special offer on Ifit-Pro websites Click Here for details.

If you are a manufacturer and would like to partner with Ifit-Pro and become a Data Feed Supplier then please also email advertising@ifitstuff.com :-

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